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Creative Capsule  provides cinematic video production services from pre- to post and everything in between.

Our goal is to deliver you a product that is Creative AND Effective. We are not just videographers, we are filmmakers! Our products are crisp, and produced with the most current gear and techniques. First time foraying into the video world? Let us be your guide. Already a Pro? So are we- Let's get down to business!

What do we offer?

We like to let the video's do the talking-but if you must ask...we bring ten years of production experience in and out of NYC and all of the resources that come with it. We operate on many tiers of production quality - from DSLR shooting to 4k Cinema Cameras such as ARRI and RED as well as aerial Drone Cinematography. We have expertly funny and friendly writers on call that can achieve a great tone and message for your product or brand wether it be for commercial, or voice-over scripting. Our post production services include Editing, Visual FX, Color Correction and a vast array of music options from our sound library. We have mastered the art of Live-Streaming a successful event, complete with multi-camera switching and the incorporation of Live Motion Graphics. As filmmakers, we have an extended network of on-screen talent ready to be your next model or spokesperson.

So how does it work?

When launching your product, brand or event, it's important to engage audiences, earn their trust and set the tone. Before we inject our creative juices, we like to gain a full understanding of your product or brand and analyze how best to reach your goals. Throughout this process we are resourceful with budgets and strategic with brand messaging while scripting & preparing for production.

Next, our production team of trained, experienced professionals goes to work! Molding the light, checking the mic's, and making sure you look your best. We keep you involved during the editing process as we cut, splice and polish the footage until it shines.

Let it fly...we optimize your video for launch whether it is premiering on Instagram or your website homepage. 

We understand that the only way to be the best, is to make YOU the best, and that your success is a reflection of the work we put in. This understanding, along with our passion for the craft- ensures you walk away with a video product you will be happy to show off.

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